Terms of Service

    We are so happy that you have decided to use Kneget International AB:s service (“Kneget”) .

    Below you can read the Terms of Service that regulate your use of Kneget in order to know which rules that guide our relation with you. The Terms of Service affect your rights and we recommend you to read in through as it is a legally binding contract between you and Kneget. Contact us at legal@kneget.com with questions on the Terms of Service.

    By using Kneget you agree to the Terms of Service. If you do not accept the Terms of Service you shall not use the service.

    1. Terms of Service for Kneget

    1.1. These general terms of service is valid when using the app Kneget (“The App”, “The service” or Kneget”) and other services provided through applications and webb by Kneget International Ab, org.nr 559061-6784, Kullagatan 29, 252 20 Helsingborg (“The company”, “we”, “us”).

    1.2. To use Kneget you need a smartphone or another unit with an operating system that is compatible with Kneget.  

    1.3. You need to be 16 year or older, authorized to make agreements and accept the Terms of Service.

    1.4. When downloading Kneget through third party services as App Store, Google Play etc, you approve and accept the Terms of Service.

    2. About Kneget

    2.1. There are a huge amount of work that needs to be done in workplaces as well as in your own sweet home. There are also a huge amount of people that are competent and willing to get the work done. Kneget’s idea is to synchronize these groups and create magic. Kneget is an innovative digital meeting place that revolutionizes the way people seek and find jobs. We are lowering the threshold to the job market and making it easier for employers and job seekers to get in touch with each other. We make it easier to find job and earn some extra cash. Everything you need is in the app.

    Kneget do not produce knegs (work or services), but only provide a meeting space for employers and job seekers..

    2.2 Kneget is a completely independent actor. We take responsibility for material published in our app but we do not take responsibility for interactions and agreements between our users that are made outside Kneget’s app.

    3. Usage of personal information

    3.1. Kneget prioritize the protection of your personal information and integrity. Kneget will not sell or let other people take part of your personal information, without your consent..

    3.2. Which information we save and process can be read in our Privacy Policy.

    3.3. By registering and using the app you agree that your personal data is collected and processed in the manner described in these Terms and our Privacy Policy.

    3.4. Your personal data and Materials (defined in item 10 below) that you upload to the app can be used to enhance the app experience and develop Kneget for a better service

    4. Access to functions in your unit

    4.1. To features in Kneget to function properly and provide you with a quality experience Kneget needs to get access to other features of your device. Kneget International AB will never use your information for anything other than what is stated in our Privacy Policy. We will never share your information with anyone without your consent. Your information is protected by multiple security systems and encryption.

    4.2. Photos & Camera – for taking personal pictures to knegs and you profile.

    4.3. Push notifications – to send messages and information. Notifications can be managed in your units settings.

    4.4. Location – to know you position when adding knegs and show kneg in your area.

    5. Content in the app

    5.1. You can upload text and images in the app ( “Material”). You are responsible for all Content that you upload, write or otherwise make available in the app follows the law. Kneget is not responsible for material you upload or opinions expressed in the material.

    5.2. You must have the right to publish all Content that you upload the app and that such Content or Knegets use of the material does not violate the Terms, law or intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright), rights of publicity, rights linked to the person’s name, image or the identity or other rights of a third party.

    5.3. By uploading materials gives Kneget right to store, copy, and data treating material to make the material available in the app. You give Kneget right to use your material in order to improve your experience with the app and develop Kneget for a better service. Learn more about how Kneget International AB collects and processes information in our Privacy Policy.

    5.4. Kneget can be, but is not obligated to, monitor, review or edit the material in the app. Kneget is entitled, at its sole discretion Civil need to remove or disable access to the material.

    6. Guidelines for use

    6.1. We want Kneget to be a fun and useful service for everyone. It is therefore prohibited to:
    –  Copy, or in other ways use the app in any way that is not expressly permitted by the Terms or by law, or that otherwise infringe intellectual property rights (eg copyright) in the app.
    – Use the app to import or copy local files that you do not have the legal rights to import or copy this way.
    – Perform reverse engineering, decompile, disassemble, modify, or create secondary works based on the app.
    – Circumvent any technology used by us, or any third party to protect the app.
    – Give your password to any other person or use any other person’s username and password.
    – Using “crawlers” on the app or using automated means (including so-called bots, scrapers, and spiders) to collect information from Kneget.

    6.2. It is not allowed to participate in activities, post materials, and register and / or use of a username, which constitute or contain material that:

    -Are offensive, defamatory, disparaging, pornographic, threatening or obscene.

    – Is illegal, or is intended to promote or commit an illegal act of any kind, such as intellectual property rights, the right to protection of privacy and personal data, or Kneget, or a third party’s property.

    – Contains or can be connected to your PIN, or another user’s PIN, or personal data,

    – Includes harmful content like malware, trojans or viruses, or otherwise interfere with any user’s access to the app,

    – Harass or bully other users, or attempted to do so,

    – Means that you claim to be, or to have a connection to another user, person or entity, or that otherwise is deceptive, untrue, deceptive or misleading.

    – Disrupt or otherwise negatively affect the app, or otherwise manipulate, disrupt or attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability in the app or Knegets computer systems, networks, rules for use, or any of Knegets safety components, authentication measures or other protective measures app, orConflicts with the Terms.

    7. Responsibility

    7.1. By using the Service, you are aware that Kneget is provided as is without any express or implied warranties of service condition. Kneget does not take part in transactions between users after their matching and is not responsible for such transactions. It does not limit your rights under the terms of job seeker, the employer or the rights you have under the law.

    7.2. Contact us (see point 11 for contact details) if dissatisfied with Kneget. You can uninstall Kneget and close your user account, which means that your Kneget account terminated. Any money in your account is not paid.

    7.3. Any decision you take in the app is your own. Kneget does not have any responsibility for any financial or other decisions you make based on the use of the app. Kneget is not liable for kneg you choose to perform or to have performed.

    7.4.Kneget is not responsible for notifying your income to the Tax Agency. For more information about your duty of disclosure, please turn to your country’s tax agency.

    8. Changes to the Terms

    Kneget is constantly evolving and we are working to provide you with the best possible service. If we need to change or update our terms, we will inform about this in the app before the new terms take effect. If you do not accept the amended terms, you have the right to terminate the agreement with Kneget before the terms take effect.

    9. Support and complaints

    We hope that Kneget will give you great use by being a work platform that enables a simple dialogue between users. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at support@kneget.com.

    10. Termination and Termination

    10.1 You may at any time terminate your user account with Kneget.

    10.2 Kneget may at any time terminate your account if you do not follow terms or otherwise abuse the service. 

    11. Other

    11.1. Kneget may engage subcontractors to fulfill their obligations under these Terms.


    11.2. Any disputes arising out of these Terms or your use of the Service shall primarily be settled by mutual agreement. If such an agreement is not possible, the dispute shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law and by a Swedish court.


    11.3. As a private person, you can always turn to the municipal consumer guidance for advice or to submit the dispute to the Consumer Complaints Board as long as the Board has jurisdiction. In case of conflict between Kneget and you will Kneget follow the public Board of complaints recommendations.

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