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Solving problems has never been easier. On Kneget you can find the help you need to solve problems - big as small. Add a kneg, lean back and let someone else do the job for you.

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The app that helps you earn extra money

On Kneget you can search different kinds of jobs quick and easy.
Download the app and see what needs to be done in your area.
Making money has never been easier!

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How Kneget works

Kneget is an innovative digital meeting place that revolutionizes the way people seek and find jobs. It's easy to add a job and it's equally easy to apply for it. Get started today!

Find new and interesting jobs in your area

Apply with one touch

Add a kneg in 20 seconds

Choose between searching or advertising jobs

Chat, hire and review users

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Get started and advertise knegs

Solving problems has never been easier. On Kneget you can find someone to help you. Follow these five steps on how to advertise for help.

Add a kneg in 20 seconds

See who applied

Visit the applicants profiles and start KnegetTalks with those you find relevant

Hire the right knegare for the job

Review knegare when the job is done

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Get started and apply knegs

Finding jobs and apply for the has never been easier. Follow Knegets five steps on how to use the app as a knegare and job seeker.

Fin interesting knegs in your area

Apply for it with just one touch

Employers who find you interesting will open KnegetTalks where you discuss the details and make an agreement.

When an agreement is settled you are hired. Congratulations! Let's get going and get the job done.

Review employers when the job is done

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Prices - Knegare

We want to make it fast and easy for you to find and apply for jobs. Apply the first 4 knegs for free or subscribe to get the most out of Kneget.

Try it for free

Apply 4 knegs for free

Download the app and get free access to all the knegs in your area. Get started with four free knegs when registering an account.

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20 SEK/month

Unlimited applications

Subscribe monthly to get free access to the app and to get unlimited applications.

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Prices - Employers

Solving problems has never been easier. On Kneget you can find the help you need. Subscribe to get the most out of Kneget or pay per kneg.

20/40 SEK

Pay per kneg

Publish a kneg for 20 SEK as private person or 40 SEK as company

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109 SEK

1 Month

Publish unlimited knegs for one month

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519 SEK

6 Months

Publish unlimited knegs for six months

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949 SEK

12 Months

Publish unlimited knegs for twelve months

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At the moment Kneget is only available for iOS. We work our hardest to make Kneget available for Android. Do you want to be the first to get information about the Android release? Register your email and follow us on Facebook to stay tuned!

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