Hans Nelson och Marcel Grobin som grundat Kneget

The new app Kneget connect those in need of a job with those who need help with anything – big or small. A groundbreaking grip on the labor market with only winners.

– The idea came up when I was between jobs. I had a solid résumé but barely got any answers at all. Meanwhile, my 16 year old son needed a summer job and struggled as hard as I did to find something. It was at that point I thought that there should be a simpler system that connect those who need a work with those who need help with anything, says Marcel Grobin one of the driving forces behind the app Kneget.

Through a friend, Marcel came in contact with Hans Nelson, CEO of the advertising agency Addemotion and one of the founders of the brewery Helsingborg’s Bryggeri, which immediately liked the idea.

– It had bothered me for a long time that it was so difficult for some to enter the labor market. People get into downward spirals and gets no chance to change their situation. At the same time, others stress and struggle to catch up with everything, he says. Kneget’s idea is to remove the threshold to jobs.

– It should be extremely easy for entrepreneurs, young people, unemployed, immigrants and others to quickly get in touch with someone who need a job done, says Hans Nelson. Kneget is for both businesses and individuals. Many companies are on their knees with too much to do and would be helped by picking up someone temporarily. The same applies to individuals. How many don’t have to paint a wall strip, empty the garage, walk the dog at lunch. Only your imagination sets the limits of what you might need help with?

– To constantly be surrounded by a lot of must-do’s that never gets done creates an internal stress. But what you don’t have time for, someone else can and want to do for a buck. This is where Kneget comes into the picture, says Marcel. The app enable users to register as a worker or upload a job opportunity (or do both). Kneget serves as a possible connection between those who want the job done and those who want to do the job. All communication is then between the parties without Kneget as an intermediary. – It allows you to get a job very quickly and easily, while all activity is recorded if the authorities for any reason would need records. This makes it safe and secure for the users.

 Kneget is unique in its form and can be downloaded for free via App Store for iPhone and iPad. There are several other actors who work with recruitment and matchmaking. With Kneget comes fast access to jobs. It takes just 20 seconds to set up a kneg. The knegare in turn fills in some parameters, and when a job within the frames you are interested in are entered will pop this up in knegarens app. While many need “someone” who can do the job, there is always “someone” who need money, a CV, references. The person that set up a kneg, and the person that gets it done, can then give each other stars through the apps review system.

– For those that haven’t been able to get a job in a long time and suddenly gets assignment and good reviews, Kneget can be a turnaround in life – that is our ambition. We definitely want to participate in building society and help people to get a digital résumé that lead them forward, says Hans Nelson and envisions Kneget as a pioneering movement in style with inspirations Uber and Airbnb.